Thales and Ponemon Institute: Global Encryption Trends Study

26 March 2013

In February of this year, Thales and the Ponemon Institute released the Global Encryption Trends Study which is a study surveying 4,205 professionals across 7 countries to examine how encryption has evolved over the last 8 years, and how this technology is impacting on the security posture of organisations.

The primary areas of focus of the research were:

  • The threats organisations face, and how encryption is reducing risks
  • The types of encryption technologies involved
  • The most salient threats to confidential information 
  • Data protection priorities
  • Budgeted expenditures for encryption

In this report is a complete overview of the most salient findings. The findings demonstrate the relationship between encryption and a strong security posture, and how organisations with a strong posture are more likely to invest in encryption and key management to meet their security aims. 

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